Can I import or mirror my repositories from GitHub?

Yes, Gitea has a feature to clone or mirror repositories from GitHub.

Are there CI / CD options?

Yes, a number of CI / CD tools can be integrated with Gitea.

What kind of support can I get?

You can email me at chris@selfhostedgit.com and you can also ask a question about Gitea on the Gitea forum.

Where is the VPS hosted?

The VPS is hosted with Digital Ocean. You select which geographic region the VPS is served from.

What assurances do I have that my data is safe if your company goes out of business?

You have full control over the data stored on the VPS, and weekly backups are also taken. In the event the company goes out of business, all customers will be notified and given ample time to download a copy of their repositories etc.

You are not locked in to Self Hosted Git and you can at any time back up your Gitea repository and move it to a new instance of your choosing:

ssh root@YOURBOX.selfhostedgit.com
su gitea
cd ~/
./gitea dump -c custom/conf/app.ini

You can of course also push your repos to multiple remotes.

What assurances do I have that you’re not accessing the data for your own purposes?

I do not look at customer data. This is a core value of the business. Privacy is paramount.

Self Hosted Git is a fully managed service which means I will apply updates, monitor, and maintain the security of the box. As with all hosting, including web hosting and VPS providers, it is possible for somebody at the company to look at data inside the container. At the moment there's just me, and I go out of my way not to do this.

To help further protect you every command run on the server is logged to /var/log/auth.log by Snoopy, and you can back up and audit that log yourself if you are worried.

By default my SSH key allows me to log in as root so that I can make upgrades and updates on the box. You can disable this by removing my key from the root user's authorized_keys folder. In that case you might want to consider installing and managing Gitea on your own instance.

What assurances do I have that you don’t make any claim over ownership of the data?

We do not make any claim of ownership over the data you push to your Self Hosted Git box.

How do you make updates to the server?

OS updates are automatic. Gitea upgrades are made periodically by a script which logs in via SSH. Backups are taken by the VPS provider (Digital Ocean). Security patches are applied by the OS. Your instance is monitored and automatically checked for outages.

Are you accessing through an Ubuntu user? What permissions does it have?

The machine is accessed via the root user over SSH. It has full access to the VPS. See the question above regarding privacy and access.

Can I go in and block your access to the root user? What would happen if I did that?

Yes, you can disable access by the root user to the machine. I will not be able to perform upgrades on Gitea or maintainance on the VPS.

Please note that it is still possible for me to access the machine via the Digtial Ocean console. I will not do this if SSH access is blocked, unless you ask me to.

If you would like to do this you might consider simply installing Gitea on your own VPS instead of using a fully managed solution like Self Hosted Git.

Do I void any kind of contract if I break my server through incompetence or error?

If you break the server I can help you restore from backups and/or spin up a new server. No contract is voided.

Is it my responsibility to fix it if I break it?

Yes, but I can help you fix it, or I can rebuild it for you.

Do I just restore from backup and lose whatever was done since the backup?

If you have deleted everything I can reinstall and restore your repos and Gitea data from the weekly backup.

Are you planning on running any sort of index of public servers?

I don't have a plan for this but other people have done it. An example is Codeberg who have open registration.