Self Hosted Git

Gitea is probably the best self-hosted and private alternative to GitHub and Gitlab there is.

Only one problem. Provisioning a box is an hours long PITA. At first you think "this will be quick", but then suddenly you're knee deep in Nginx configs and you can't get the Let's Encrypt cert to take properly and your database doesn't have the right privileges and you're just about ready to flip. All you wanted was a simple self-hosted git server.

That's where we come in. We deploy a fully provisioned Gitea instance in literally minutes.

Your instance gets a nice cozy Linux VPS all to itself, and you get full root access to the box. We manage the OS updates, backups, monitoring, security, and Gitea upgrades.

Want to know more about Gitea? Check out their excellent documentation. There is also an instance you can try out to see how you like it.

Instant deployment

Just put your info in here to get started. We'll provision your Gitea box and send you the URL so you can log in straight away and start pushing commits.

The following fields are all optional.


  • Fully provisioned Gitea.
  • OS & Gitea upgrades.
  • Instance monitoring.
  • Security updates.
  • Admin privileges.
  • You have root.
  • Unlimited organizations.*
  • Unlimited repositories.*
  • Unlimited users.*
  • Weekly backups.*
  • 25 GB data.
  • 1000 GB traffic.

$24 / month

OMG take my money

* "Unlimited" means as many repos and users as the 25GB VPS can sensibly handle. In practice this is more than you will need which is why we use the word "unlimited". But we don't literally mean unlimited obviously, as nothing in the known universe is unlimited. Backups are taken weekly and kept for four weeks each. OS security updates are automatically applied.